I was born in the mountains and raised by the sea in Northern California. Most of my adult life was consumed by running the business side of a skateboarding brand I co-founded in 2002 called “Huf”. Becoming an artist was never something I even dreamed of. It was truly a late-in-life, "happy accident". In 2013, I amicably parted ways with my company, leaving me with more free-time than I ever previously had. On one of my newly-free, semi-bored days, I decided to try to draw. I drew and drew and drew and truly couldn't stop! This sudden "art explosion" took a slight detour at the end of year one when I required surgery on my hand for "Sudden Radical Overuse". After 3 months in a cast, I gave painting a try and was hooked. I'm totally convinced that I do everything "wrong" and would make any art teacher cringe at my techniques... but it just feels so RIGHT because painting makes me HAPPY in a way nothing else can (except for petting dogs and eating tacos). I paint what I know, see and feel, which seems to be a heck of a lot of surfers, skaters, yogis, hippies, and rainbows. When I am not busy painting, you can usually find me just down the street from my little house by the sea...hunting for shells and trash with my pack of wild chihuahuas in tow. Thank You for your interest and support of my artistic journey!